Dougie Poynter forms New Band INK

McFly bassist Dougie Poynter has formed new alternative rock band INK and the trio have unveiled their first EP ‘Heaven’.

The bassist has decided to start a new project whilst he waits for McFly to create fresh music and has created the alternative rock group INK with friends Todd Dorigo and Cory Alexander.

Dougie, 30, his new bandmates have unveiled their first EP ‘Heaven’ and describe their influences as acts such as The Rolling Stones, Nick Cave, The National, Nirvana and Leonard Cohen, a big departure from McFly’s pop/rock leanings.

Poynter has been a member of McFly since their inception in 2003. While the band have not officially announced a split, they haven’t released an album since 2010’s ‘Above The Noise’, and haven’t toured since the 2016 ‘The Anthology’ tour.

udd continued: “It’s been a while since we have just been McFly and a lot of out fans are frustrated. Although McBusted has been a success, a lot of McFly fans were like, ‘I hate McBusted!’”

Back in 2013, the group joined forces with fellow pop-rockers Busted to form the McBusted supergroup.

Speaking to Metro after the supergroup dissolved in 2016, McFly’s Harry Judd said: “The McBusted thing was a huge success, but it quietly fizzled out. We’re all quite polite and none of us likes confrontation. The last show happened and it was like ‘OK, bye!’ We knew it, but it was unspoken. We were cool with it.”

Although Dougie is branching out on his own he will still very much remain a part of McFly – also comprised of Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Harry Judd – but doesn’t want to wait any longer for the boys to go on tour.

INK’s debut EP is comprised of four songs, ‘Heaven’, ‘Fever’, ‘Symphony Woman’ and ‘Back To The Noise’, and now they have given the world a taste of their music, the trio can’t wait to hit the road.

Dougie told 1883 Magazine: “We’d like to play live, that’s the most part of playing in a band, playing live. The sooner we can do that the better.”

His McFly bandmates are also keeping busy as they enjoy a year away from the group.

Whilst Harry has reinvented himself as a fitness guru, Danny is a coach on ‘The Voice Kids’ and will keep up with his work as a songwriter and producer.

Tom will have his own solo projects to focus on, as he looks to write more novels and produce a musical based on his ‘Christmasaurus’ children’s’ book.